Why install a skylight?

Skylights are an energy efficient method of satisfying a basic human need of contact with the outside world while providing daytime lighting. A properly placed skylight can increase property value and give an aesthetic look to your home or business. A properly designed skylight can save you money while an inefficient design could cost you more.

When to replace your skylight?

Typically if your skylight is 12-15 years or older and your skylight is leaking consistently the decision to replace your skylight might be the wisest choice. If you decide to repair, it may be the lowest cost option in the short run, but you may find yourself frequently repairing a skylight system that has surpassed it’s life span.

What products & services do you offer?

We supply complete skylight systems and replacement tops for an array of skylight brands.

Do skylights or windows cause condensation?

No skylights and windows do not cause condensation, it is usually the first place condensation can be seen.

What does cause condensation?

Condensation forms when warm, humid air contacts a cold service. Warmer air can hold more moisture, as air cools it is contracts and its moisture condenses. When the temperature drops the first place you will see condensation is on windows & skylights.

Why should you choose Skylight Specialist, Inc.?

Skylight Specialist, Inc. has supplied their clients with professional skylight services for over 25 years. All repairs are performed by a Skylight Specialist certified installer to insure the job is done correctly the first time. We provide written estimates, reasonable prices and our work is always of the highest quality, completed in a timely manner and our job sites are always left neat and clean

Why do skylights leak?

Incorrect or improper installation – The skylight was installed incorrectly and water is leaking in from around the skylight, not through it. Broken acrylic skylight – The skylight is old and degraded from sun and weather, has either spontaneously broken or it was hit by something and broke.

Problems also arise on acrylic skylights when someone decides to apply sealer or caulk at the junction of the skylight and the frame, usually because they have water coming in. This does not allow the skylight to expand and contract with changes in temperature, as it was designed to do. This will definitely shorten the life span of an acrylic skylight and make fracture inevitable!

Acrylic skylights definitely have a life span; it may take 2 years, it may take 10 but at some point it will break and need replacement. Roof failure – There is a problem with the roof, and water will find its way through any openings in the roof. It may not become evident until the drywall starts to stain or sag.

Is a glass skylight better than an acrylic (plastic) skylight?

If your home already has a skylight, you are aware of the benefits that skylights offer. Some skylights are made of plastic and over a short period of time they can become cloudy and appear to be scratched. In addition, they are not very energy efficient.

Glass skylights are superior to plastic in every respect. It is more energy efficient and more durable. Glass skylights reduce external noises, won’t discolor, leak or allow drafts.

How long is the Lead time?

Our customer lead time for standard size skylights is not longer then two weeks.


Most common causes for failing skylights

• Flashing system absent or not properly integrated with the roofing materials
• The existing skylight is not designed to be installed on the present slope
• Inadequate or absent condensation gutters and weeping ports
• The absence of a proper underlay to protect against leakage in the winter months when ice damming occurs

There are many key factors which are involved, which will help in answering this question



Notice water leaking on the interior of Drywall (painted side) • Weeping holes may be blocked.
• No or minimal condensation weepage.
The ceiling is starting to bubble from water damage, leaving yellowish stain • Age of skylights (most skylights have a life span of 12-20 years) depending on installer, make & model
• Condition of surrounding roof line (shingles, touch down, etc)
• Flashing system not properly utilized or absent
Leaking in the winter months or when its raining (windy) • Lack of ice and water shield or none at all
• Flashing system not properly utilized
Water seems to be forming between skylight glass • Most glass units are double glazed; once seal (holding glass together) goes you will notice a fog or even water drops appearing between the glass
Drafty skylight • Improper installation, you should never feel a draft from you skylight installation or replacement